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About Us

Every week, thousands of folks in the Oakland, CA area select from dozens of cuisines and hundreds of restaurants, and many of them use the internet to find the perfect restaurant for their catering event, romantic evening or night on the town with friends.

We publish any type of information that visitors look for, including photos, menus, prices, visitor reviews and ratings. We report on dozens of features that help folks choose one restaurant over the other. of new restaurants or even enhance and update our information.

If you are/were a restaurant patron or visitor, we encourage you to write respectful and honest reviews about your experiences. Each restaurant on oakland.californiasrestaurants.com has a form that you can use to enter a review.

Restaurant owners: There is no cost for you to send us updated or enhanced information about your restaurant. Restaurant owners/managers can , and once your status (as owner/manager) has been verified, you will be free to update your restaurant’s detailed profile on our site. We also offer sponsorships and enhanced listings (including the opportunity to publish multiple photos, menus and more).

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